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darladoodles added a title to their In progress shelf May 22 2020
"Executive assistant Lexa is eager for a much-deserved promotion, but her boss is determined to keep her underemployed. Literature professor Jett is dealing with a broken heart, as well as a nagging suspicion his literary idol, Gordon Phipps Roth,...
darladoodles made a comment May 22 2020
"This series continues to be excellent. The famous Mac Barnett "tougue-in-cheek" flair shines through . In this 4th installment, readers learn about what it was like to play video games in the 80's and the history of the Nintendo Company..." Permalink
darladoodles moved a title to their Completed shelf May 22 2020
To crack a secret code, Mac follows the clues to France and Japan where he must use his gaming skills and defeat his enemy, the KGB Man.
darladoodles rated a title May 22 2020
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darladoodles added a title to their For later shelf May 22 2020
Fresh out of prison and fighting to keep afloat, Letty Dobesh returns to her old tricks burglarizing suites at a luxury hotel. While on the job, she overhears a man hiring a hitman to kill his wife. Letty may not be winning any morality awards,...
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