How the Grinch Stole Christmas
How the Grinch Stole Christmas A 50th Anniversary Retrospective By Seuss Book - 2007

Oh-oh!..... (To be sure) - Those naive and trusting Whos down in Whoville are, once again, in for some real big-big trouble this year.

'Cause (while those unsuspecting Whos are all merrily off in Dreamland) that mean, old Mister Grinch (of the smallest heart and the slimiest green) is gonna invade their peaceful village and, literally, steal Christmas right out from under their cute, little pug-noses. Yep. He sure is.

Oh. Boo-ho!.... And, what are those poor Whos gonna do?.... Well - Have no fear - Dr. Suess is gonna see to it that all turns out for the very best (with a joyous happy ending, too).

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