"You need a force of armed men to fight your way up the stairs of a tower like that"
"I wasn't planning on using the stairs." -Will

Look at Flanagan bring back things from the first book. When Will said that my happy girlie squill came out and I was so excited to see Will bring back some of his boyish, endearing Will that we fell in love with.

"Always remember to look up, it's the one direction most people never think to check " -Halt

I feel that with all this knowledge by the end of the series I will be a full ranger myself. Maybe Flanagans genius isn't that Will is the apprentice but we are.

 "face your fears, and more often than not they will fade like most in the sunshine" -Halt

Will's name shouldn't be Will Treaty, it should be Will Halt. The matter would be (and is) proud of the apprentice. I absolutely adore Will and as I am in LOVE with Halt it pleases me greatly to see that Will is taking on some of his traits.

Will is a bard, I repeat Will is a Bard and I have to say I'm loving it.

He of course is a ranger through and through but makes a rather nice Bard as well. This fact shows the dimensions that Flanagan has given his characters. We all have those things (or one specific thing) that we are good at and meant to do, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing we are good at and want to do.

Seeing Will as a a full ranger is a nice change in pace. And whats even more fulfilling is how he dealt with his first situation 3 weeks after starting his assignment.

This book is full of witty humor and strategic situations that have you laughing and going "GENIUS" with every page turn!

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