The best film of the year. Somewhere between naturalism and fantasy, an absurd look into the dream world of the less privileged. Honestly, if you don't recognize this as high brow art, following the traditions of Italian Neo-Realism or Brecht, you don't understand film.

Rich people, hypsters, wokesters, Karens, you will NEVER understand this film. You have to be poor to truly appreciate this. This is EXACTLY how average Americans dream. Of course if you made a fortune you would literally blow it up, because f*** you. People don't seem to understand how intelligent average people are, because they don't actually dream about getting rich, they dream about saying f*** you.

This film is brilliant. It has its pulse on the American public (perhaps the world public). It is optimistic about an undefeatable spirit of the average person that is smirking and giggling all the way to eternity, whether that "have's" like it or not.

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