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I love books set in 1930s and 40s, especially with WWII as a backdrop. I am a huge history buff so I love absorbing as much as I can about that era. (Let's be real, I enjoy many eras). I am also interested in women, and women of colour, during those time periods. Recently, there seems to be an explosion of books set in WWII with the same kind of plot -women, spies, Europe. I sometimes get into a genre kick, and read several books in that genre. I am looking for something unique that makes that book special, or standout. I have kind of started to burnout on WWII novels. I know, isn't Resistance Women set in WWII, with women and spies in Europe??? And, wait I gave it 4.5 stars?

I have read most of Chiaverini's standalone novels, so I had to request this book despite the synopsis. I went with the audiobook to give it a better chance. Aaaaaand, yay, I loved this book. Many of the characters are real historical people. I love that you can do further research, yet get the full story. Chiaverini is a rock star for research and really taking the reader there in that time and place. I have had hit or misses with her novels as her descriptions can drag the story/plot. In this novel, I felt like her pacing was a bit tighter so that the plot and characters could shine. It is a slow burn but I still felt the suspense with the resistance group. I would recommend this novel, but totally understand if you are feeling burnout with WWII novels.

***I received an eARC from EDELWEISS***

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