Maggie and her brother write a note saying Bedtime is Canceled. Their parents don't believe it so the note goes in the trash. But the note blows out the window--just like in Mary Poppins--to a newspaper where it gets printed in the news. People believe the message and some crazy consequences follow. Maggie and her brother write another note, Bedtime is NOT Canceled, and give it to the newspaper. All is right again in the hopes.

The illustrations are created digitally and have a watching cartoons on television feel. They are colorful and funny.

The story at times has a random feel to it with a lack of good flow. But it is a fun "what if?" story about what might happen if bedtime were canceled. I felt like there was another background story with Maggie and her brother going on that I didn't always understand. The book is advertized for ages 4-8, but I think grades k-3 would enjoy the story the most.

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